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Cheap commissions from Vashtastic!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2012, 8:39 AM
Vashtastic has run into a dryspell, and has lowered her prices, so hurry up on over to her page and check out her gallery.

Here's her prices for ya!

$10 for line art (add $5 for every additional figure)
Vector Coloring Book: Sailor by Vashtastic

$15 for full color
Bloody Martini by Vashtastic

$20 for background
$25 for couple, full color with background

Please send her a note if you're interested

Rant about stock-images.

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 29, 2012, 12:27 PM
I love the people who make stock.
I love that they are have a passion for sharing.
And I love that they are on dA.


What is up with the rules, people?
"Please leave a link to your work and credit me in the description (on dA) or near the the image (outside dA)" should suffice, right? RIGHT?

Apparently not.

It is very common that you are presented with a list of 10 points with restrictions like "No use outside dA" and "No commercial use" - these are common. I find them... weird. Why? If it was about being paid, then sure, but usually there's a comment underneath with "If I like it I may permit you to post other places and offer it as print" - so, what? You control the art that was made either using your stock in a photomanipulation or as reference in graphics or illustration? WHY? It hurts my head and my heart. It reeks of unnecessary control. Just make use of the new feature thingy dA offers and SELL your stock.

I do not get the other weird rules people have, like: no antro, no making me ugly, no making me pretty (editing away pimples, straightening toes, I'm paraphrasing but you get what I mean.)), no sexual themes and so on. There's people who don't want you to use their stock if you put a kitten in your piece along with their stock. Just saying.

ssst says (quote): "Word! To tell you how /annoying/ stock rules can be sometimes, I went and bought myself poser. I don't use stock at all anymore in fear of overstepping a boundary."

I've seen stock rules that go on and ooon, and I at least just sort of shrug, forget I ever saw that incredible stock and move on to someone with simpler rules. Or, as I have begun to, simply don't use an actual reference - or I google. Yeah, there, I said it. :nana: Granted it's mostly for traditional art I use google, and it is merely references, so I'm sitting there with 10 pictures of an angle of a face to get a grip on how a nose could look, or 10 pictures of crows to figure out how the feathers spread. I could just as well have used deviantart, and used stock. But it's too frikkin' complicated.

ssst says (quote):  "I go "DEVIL DEVIL *HISSSS*"  at stock /rules/"

Anyway, here's a feature to make up for all my harsh words:

Mr. Sceptic by Wincey Pressed fairy by faestock CrowsReign:Girl on a motorcycle 1 by CrowsReign-Stock Morgan Stallion 2 by YourWyrd Gazing by TwiggXstock Eurasian_Blue_Tit by axolot62 Stock16 by Celestial-Autumn The Girl and The Doll Stock IV by KahinaSpirit Diana 2 by PirateLotus-Stock Puppy by FuriarossaAndMimma Buzzard 2 by Chocomix-Stock

(I wanted to find good stock with good rules ... but yeah.)
beautiful skin by Ikue

Your brilliant sense of quality qualifies you in any way to give critique - it also warrants all the affection in the world. It should definitely make you think, for every second of the day, that you can tell anybody something that can help them as an artist. Thank you very much. I always want to hear what you have to say. You're a superhero in disguise.

:heart: @ Vashtastic
Hi again guys!

Did I remember to tell you that you get a free chibi when you join the championship over at theEpics? I think so! So here we go:

You get a FREE chibi of yourself when you join the Championship at theEpics

We have 7 people written up so far, but we need MORE! We need atleast 32 people for this event to be as awesome as it was last time. So come on! It's fun, it's free and you'll be challenged artistically - what more could you ask for? A chibi of yourself you say! Well, yes ofcourse, just send us a note saying you want to join, and we shall respond with a golden coin with your name on it and a chibi such as these:

ssst did two of these and I did the other three, if you guess correctly on who did who, I shall give lots of virtual kisses!

Remember to check if you have the time to participate before joining though - we get cranky when people disappear or forfeit - it's not fair to the other people playing.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to theEpics, check out all the information and send in your note to join! :love:

What is that? TheEpics is active again?! OMG :omg:

We invite you to join us, me and ssst, in the Championship of 2012. All the information you need can be found on the front page of the group (theEpics) and will be updated with more prizes and participants over the following weeks. If you wish to enter the Championship, you can find information on how to do so (again) on the front page! :dummy:

The starting date of the Championship is the 6th of August 2012 and there shall be 5 rounds in total.

If you'd like to add something to the prize list, please send us a note and we'll shower you with virtual cookies!
If you'd like to share this journal to make sure it gets more views and publicity, we'll shower you with virtual cookies and kisses!


Also: hello guys, hello new watchers and old alike :aww:

I'm starting school in september!

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 1, 2011, 6:14 AM
I was accepted to Designskolen Kolding which is one of two design schools in Denmark! So that means over 3 years of studying illustration. It's a dream come true! The school has two 'directions' - product design or communication design, and I'm going to study communication design with illustration as my main focus. School starts the 5th of September and that's where I'll meet the other 68 that were accepted this year. I don't know how many will be on the illustration track, but I'm guessing along the lines of 15-20.

I applied in march, did the assignment in march/april (I think) and had an interview at the school in april so it's been a long wait, which is one of the reasons deviantArt has been sort of out of my mind for the last half year; not the only reason, but one. I won't ever be as active here as I once was, but dA is still my favourite online community (the only community that have managed to hold my interest). If you're trying to reach me here, I suggest you add me on skype instead, my username is brgtt87. I still check my notes, but mostly my inbox is a big black hole.

If you're interested in seeing the assignment that made me get into Designskolen Kolding you can see that here; I will eventually compile them and upload them to deviantart as one picture.

Agnete og Havmanden (- Agnete and the Merman)
Agnete and the merman is an old ballad about a young woman (Agnete) who meets a merman and goes with him to live in the sea where they get 7 (or 9 or 13 depending on the version) children. One day she hears the bells on land and wants to go back. The merman requires that she does not do 3 specific things on land but ofcourse she fails and does them anyway and when he comes ashore to tell her to come back to him and their kids she tells him that he can put that silly idea a specific place where the sun doesn't shine (I'm paraphrasing, but you get the idea).

My focus in the illustrations was on the lack of thought / reflection Agnete has when she decides to stay on land and brought to modern day the way many people makes a decision (regarding divorce or just in general) without actually thinking the whole thing through. I am not questioning the decisions, only the grounds on which they were made.


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Hi everyone! Just a small update and a lovely feature.

I have been experimenting forever it seems, and right now I am going back to what I did when I was around 14 years or something, drawing girls with big heads and big eyes; dollfaces :B It's a lot of fun and yesterday I was browsing around trying to find other people doing the same. One of the artists I stumbled upon is beyondthechuch - her style is so soft and pretty and yet the girls have this mischievous look! Check it out:

Les petits becs by beyondthechuch Geisha 2.0 by beyondthechuch Chew my blue by beyondthechuch

I think it was pica-ae who first introduced me to Arthur de Pins' cute girlies - the amazing thing about his work is the imaginative situations he puts them in. Check out his portfolio here.

Other great works:
Mermaids by OhAnneli Doll by WhiteBumblebee Inspired by sky doll 03 by sissy20021 Doll by OlayaValle doll by kinkei

in other news
I had ssst all to my self for over a month and now I miss her terribly! But! she promises to come back.

Remember to follow the updates on Vector Week (part of projecteducate) so watch that group and communityrelations - Keep an eye on news and journals from ChewedKandi your vector gallery moderator ;)

Th-th-thats all folks!
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look at the fancy zebra! :omg:

- we're all at Annes (pica-ae) place in Hamburg and having a great time doing the pica-dance!
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Support your wonderful text-art GM pica-ae by proudly displaying her in your webcam on your front page (or anywhere you see fit):


(sorry about no journals or updates, a real update will follow shortly :B)
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Vector artists on deviantart was given a challenge of making a vector of a fairytale that has gone completely bad. And now I, and the two other judges (pica-ae and jussta) would like to present to you; the winners!

:trophy: 3rd place

Senor Rapunzo by Galaxy-cat
Galaxy-cat wins a Fella Plushie!

:trophy: 2nd place

little red riding hood by VanessaWeuffel
VanessaWeuffel 6 month premium membership + a deviantART print (max-prize 20$)!

:trophy: 1st place

:Malice and Friends: by Asher-Bee
Asher-Bee wins 1 year premium membeship + a deviantART print (max-prize 40$)!

Please tell them all how awesome they are :love:

:iconpica-ae: :iconjussta: :iconlinebirgitte:

Remember the fairytale contest!

Tue Sep 14, 2010, 12:14 PM
COME ON GUYS - there are already great entries, but go go go! SUBMIT, only one day left :faint:

News article (prize whore? GO HERE)
browse the entries


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Check out some of the amazing abstract vectors that are already on deviantArt:

SHAPEHARMONY by NKeo Uni by starfantazy plex by Jomino Pray by encoretheangel Semiotic Stair by Ryannzha Water by LimKis the ace of hearts by LimKis FreshBiou by alex-xs Vision XV by mousacre Omen by NaBHaN :thumb177551822: color song by Smangii Pseudo Orbital by MNLboy STEREOLOVE by gartier CMYK by wisseh

Enter the Abstract Colours contest :iconyesyesyesplz:

You don't even have to make a vector or a vexel, you can enter with any digital work, Fractal Art, Macro photography, Surreal Photography, Conceptual Photography, Traditional Art or artistic nudes! SO GO GO GO! :eager:

New vector categories!

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 31, 2010, 1:48 PM
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Annes mind is cuddly

Sat Aug 28, 2010, 4:55 AM

For a commission I need to make a small price tag, pica-ae talked about the rounded stickers and ... well:

[28/08/10 13.44.45] LineBirgitte: I was also thinking about a string with a card on it
[28/08/10 13.44.58] pica-ae: or use that thing that looks what you stick to dead peoples toes
[28/08/10 13.45.00] pica-ae: yes, that
[28/08/10 13.45.05] LineBirgitte: ...
[28/08/10 13.45.05] pica-ae: better way to phrase it...
[28/08/10 13.45.06] LineBirgitte: ANNE
[28/08/10 13.45.09] LineBirgitte: I love your mind

oh yes we have fun.

In other more exciting news - yes, Annes mind is lovely, but it's hardly newspaper headline material, since, we've all known for quite a while - KubusRubus has uploaded new stuff to his etsy shop!

I myself am in the middle of commissioning him - and I can tell you that it is very exciting to talk to him about materials and all that stuff. I have been wanting an earcuff for 6 years, maybe even longer, so I am way happy! Shots of my ear with cuff will follow once it's done and I have it, promise!

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Panchaos: Commissions are open

Mon Aug 16, 2010, 4:31 PM
For commissions please contact us through

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Alright, you can come back now + pimp

Sat Aug 14, 2010, 4:10 AM
You've been home 2 days now, time to come back to Denmark again :iconstaresplz:

ssst and I spent 3 weeks together, and we get along so good that I am continously trying to convince her to come live in denmark (and it's working!). There's something comming btw - it will probably be up tomorrow or the day after, so stay tuned for panchaos :eyes:

Helen-Baq made this :brgttla: by Helen-Baq awesome emote for me :flirty: isn't it beautiful? it's a viking shield maiden brgtt! :giggle: I love it!

For all your fairytale freaks - here's the opportunity to make that princess take the fall instead of getting the prince in the end: join the fairytale gone bad contest!

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Draw a tub and win a sub

Sat Aug 7, 2010, 7:02 PM
I wanted to celebrate deviantArts birthday by having fun and games at the devmeet earlier today - but we were just three people; ssst, knark and me :B

THAT MEANS ... tum tum tum tuuuuuum; that I still have 4 subs to give out!

SO: draw a tub and win a sub. Draw me a tub in the muro, submit it or screenshot it and leave a comment with a link to it in this journal - the first 4 people to draw me a tub will get one 1 month sub each :la: - you have untill 9 GMT+2 :eager: that's in 5 hours, from when this journal was posted.

GO GO GO :iconveryexcitedplz:

The winners of one sub each are: lilj12345, Frelly-Is-Kelly, blahed and toxic--sunrise :la:

My first atempt in the muro.

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A cup of tea, anyone?

Fri Aug 6, 2010, 3:21 AM
If you want to meet up in Odense on the 7th to celebrate deviantArts birthday please send me a note - if just two people want to we can all meet up in Eventyrhaven just before noon :la:

Hvis du vil mødes i Odense d. 7 og fejre deviantArts fødselsdag, send mig en note - hvis bare to mennesker har lyst mødes vi i Eventyrhaven lige før middagstid.

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the Ten Commandments of Deviousness

Mon Aug 2, 2010, 2:49 PM
Contests for everyone!

I. Thou Shalt Eat Cake - (Artisan Crafts)
II. Thou Shalt Customize - (Customization)
III. Thou Shalt Liek Mudkips - (Fan Art, Comics & Cartoons)
IV.Thou Shalt Self Portrait - (Photography)
V. Thou Shalt Write Thy Memoirs - (Literature)
VI. Thou Shalt Believe in Unicorns & Magic - (Everybody!)
VII.Thou Shalt Honor Fella - (Digital Art)
VIII. Thou Shalt Embrace the Llama - (Emoticons)
IX.Thou Shalt FAQ - (Everybody!)
X. Thou Shalt Know Your Internet Slang - (Text Art)


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